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Create 3D spaces and unleash your imagination.


Soulside is a soulful 3D social media for the metaverse with NFT and blockchain features. The content that users create and discover is in 3D. Our brain perceives the world in 3D, now there is a brain-friendly 3D social media.

We focus on creativity and positivity. Soulside is a soulful and positive alternative to the usual social media apps.

Users have a "play to earn" feature where they can earn tokens. You get reawrded for using our app. You can even mint your rooms as NFT and distribute them on external platforms.


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People express and discover and develop themselves through creativity. They share their feelings, thoughts and creations. This all happens a metaverse world. Through this, users can earn money.

We believe in a future where life, work, education, shopping and fun become one in a digital world. We believe in the positivity of people, the positivity of technological and evolutionary developments, and value-driven lifestyles.

We believe in empowering our users and providing them with economic opportunities and personal growth.

Most importantly, we dream of creating, collaborating, and gathering amazing digital experiences, spaces, and environments.

We build a brave and better digital world.


Soulside Roadmap
Q1 2022

Video functionality in the spaces.

Enable users to mine their rooms as NFT and distribute them on external platforms.

Connect spaces to each other.

Q2 2022

Enable users to earn Soulside's own crypto tokens through the "play and create to earn" feature.

Private Soulside Token sale.

Q3 2022

Initial public offering on a token swap platform.

Q4 2022

Buy and sell physical products in 3D.

Live stream in spaces.


NFT on Soulside

Store your creativity as NFT's. The NFT's will be the value that people create in Soulside and near intrinsic fun to create for fun. This a way to make money with your creativity.

Users will be able to mint their 3D spaces as NFTs. They will be able to transfer to their own private wallets and then sell on our own or third-party NFT marketplaces.
We additionally create unique, limited NFT 3D objects. They can be used for collecting and presenting in the own spaces. Those also will be created by famous artists.

Users can rent out their spaces, sell them or let them enter to create exclusive clubs with celebrities or virtual events in special spaces.


Creativity on Soulside


Design your own 3D spaces and express yourself creatively. On Soulside you start with an empty room, add images and colors, draw and write text. 


Share your feelings, values, dreams, aspirations and visions with your friends and the world. When you share your inner views with others, you learn to see yourself through the eyes of others. You feel more alive. Learn more about yourself and your friends.


Choose from a variety of 3D objects or PNGs. Apply exciting visual effects and upload audio snippets. This is a completely new and fun way to express yourself creatively and show your own take on things. 


In Soulside, your imagination takes shape. By visualizing your ideas, they become more real to you. Make your wishes and dreams visible to better realize them. Use Soulside to focus and feel your dreams.  


When you understand yourself better, you feel more comfortable in your skin. Learn more about yourself by creating spaces around personal issues. Ask yourself the questions you’ve never asked yourself before. See what answers you give.


We focus on positivity and constructive feedback. Feel good after using Soulside because you created something personal and meaningful. Be proud of yourself and discover new talents in yourself. Do your friends a favor and comment on their Spaces and motivate them to open up. Become part of the Soulside community.


Create your own series by creating a series of consecutive Spaces that tell a story. This way you can easily create an impressive story about your experience. Create incredibly beautiful 3D collages, with minimal effort and brilliant graphics. The latest 3D technology makes it possible.


Thank you for your attention and enjoy Soulside!