The Social Dilemma. How have current social media platforms used their users to make a profit and why does it have to change?

The social media platforms exploit their market dominance by selling data, knowing more about the users than they do themselves, and thus driving up prices for advertisers.

What is the current problem of social media?

We all heard about the negative influence of social media platforms. It is not only about our mental health, it is also about privacy. We all have heard that if you do not pay for the product it means that you are the product. Indeed, social media platforms started with a noble goal: reunite people and facilitate communication between them.

However, with no surprise, the development of such platforms has led to multinational companies focusing on profits. Hence using every aspect of their business to make more. One of them has been to use users’ personal data. This private data would be sold to companies and brands willing to advertise their products directly to interested customers. Even this relationship started as a kind of win-win as both sides were happy. On one side with the customers receiving adverts suited to their needs. On the other side with companies having the possibility to share their philosophy, vision, and products directly to customers.

Facebook requires advertising spend to reconnect its already acquired followers

Nowadays, this relationship has been shattered by the ferocious appetite of social media platforms. Indeed, their focus has been to control the flow of information that users and businesses can share. In that regard, both parties have been harmed. Brands, now have to pay for their own posts reaching the users following their page. This results in frustration from both users and companies who cannot interact freely.

What do we do to solve this issue?

Users and companies are now aware of the situation. This control by social media has led many users and brands to seek other solutions. They are looking for an app that will allow them to freely share their content. Without constantly having to pay to reach their audience. This, as well as data privacy issues, are problems that we at Soulside have vouched to solve. 

Users have also turned pessimistic about social media. They try to keep away from platforms and mobiles to improve their mental health and control of their time. These users need a new reason to go online. Our latest research conducted by FHTW Würzburg showed that people still are attracted to the online world. They want to stay in contact and communicate with their friends and family. About 20% of Users had no deep creative communication on the web before. Social media becomes soulful.

Soulful means also a healthy relationship with your social network 

At Soulside, we believe that both sides have the right to a relationship where the platform does not interfere with. A user who enjoys a brand should have the possibility to see the content that this brand shares. Easily and without the fear of data being stolen. A company should, in an unlimited way, be able to share its posts with all the users who follow her.

Social media platforms have fully taken control of the marketing funnels. We at Soulside have provided a solution to the issues that so many have been facing. In an easy way, users can decide to follow the 3D spaces of a brand or company. They can see all of what has been posted quickly in an immersive 3D environment.

The brands become the real influencers

For brands, this is a unique opportunity to not only share new products or new services. Brands will be able to share their vision, their philosophy, and their goals as a company. Additionally, the company’s can start a real collaboration with individual users or user groups and create new unique products for their followership loves. 

This launches a new era of marketing and advertising for companies. These will have the guarantee to reach without further costs the people who want to follow you. And for you, the users, you can choose exactly what you want to see and from which brand. And when you decide to follow one brand, you get the chance to see new products and services in a 3D environment, giving you the opportunity to see what’s coming.

We democratize the social media for corporates and Users

We believe that this will allow the win-win relationship between users and companies to rise again and further progress on various levels.

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