We are Soulside, a Berlin-based Startup creating a 3D Social Media giving people space for expression, for creativity, and for fun.

We want to place our users at the center of our platform and through technology enable them to interact & discover who themselves and the others are. We want to help people and improve their relationship with others, with themselves but also with digital social media.

Our mission is to give those who cannot express themselves on classical social media the tools to express themselves without the fear of being judged and with a real opportunity to share who they truly are.

Incorporated in a 3D environment, we display and offer people a creative, funny, and well-being social media app.

At Soulside, we want to build a culturally responsible tech company that values individuality, privacy, and the data of our users.

We have designed the Soulside platform to give our users power over their virtual profile. We aim to be a positive member of the communities that we help flourish.

Soulside is for every individual, every character, every personality.