Soulside offers an interactive congratulation card technology, called Happy Cards

Imagine you are invited to a birthday, in the office, with the person you care about. But you have nothing to write and there is no business nearby. How convenient it is to have a tool that allows you to send a great and memorable message to the person on your mobile phone.

It’s very easy to use, you open the app, choose a category and add your pictures and send them as a video to your loved ones with a personalized message. 

Dozents different messages and topics available as templates.

get well
vacation greetings
Love You Card
Miss you Messages
and many many more....

Connect your physical cards with a QR code to a virtual 3D Space.

Add video and audio messages in to you card

You also can add several video and audio messages with play pause functions.

Record a song or a voice message to your cards.

Set predefined camera movements for a video of your card, to make it more interessting.

You can buy gifts for others and present them together with your friends in your happy card space in the live stream.