How to mint and send a NFT Space to your wallet.

Soulside offers an easy and quick way to mint your Spaces as NFT and transfer it to your wallet. But it is not automatically visible in your Metamask wallet. For security reasons, you must first import your NFT to make it visible. There you need to add your sender address and your token ID.

Here you can find a short description of how you can mint a space inside the Soulside app and send it to your wallet. To make it in your wallet visible you also need to import it. Just follow these steps following.


1. Select a Space for mint

Select a space you would like to mint from your profile section. Click on the selected space, and click on the menu icon on the right corner of your screen.


2. Select mint a Space as a NFT


Select option mint Space as NFT in the menu!



3. Add description and mint


Add a description to explain your space in the given text box.  After that click to mint.




4. Mint Success Notification


You’ll receive a notification for mint success. Click on the notification received of minting done succesfully. 



5. NFT Badge 


You’ll receive a NFT Badge after mint is successfully. Click on the NFT badge to transfer the NFT.


6. Your Polygon Wallet Adress 


Head over to your metamask wallet and copy the adress. Take shure you are in the Polygon Mainnet. 


7. Send Space as NFT 


Paste the copied address by clicking on the paste icon. After you are done pasting the adress click on send NFT.  


8. Import NFT to Your Wallet 

Click on import NFT’s in to your wallet. Then You will see 2 input fields for inserting the address and token id.  


9. Copy Paste Adress and ID from your Soulside NFT

Click on the NFT Transferred icon and copy paste your Adress and Token ID into your wallet, to import the NFT Token. Thats it.