soulside is made for:

There are about 17 million artists in the world today. Everyone likes to show their artwork to their friends/family members and also to non-artists. They like to get recognition
for their work. They like to get real-time feedback and a good place to showcase their art where many people can reach them. Especially 3D enthusiasts and people who love to explore the art.

How it works:

You can easily create 3D Art on the go with your smartphone and even mint your spaces as NFTs

You have absolute freedom to create yourself as you wish to do. Share moments, photos, create individual experiences, add music, showcase your products, create a Photoalbum, 3D postcard or plan a project together. Whatever you want to create, on Soulside you have the space.


Enjoy expressing yourself and show your creativity with playful and limitless abilities to unique and individual spaces, as you are.

Collaborate and interact with someone else’s Space and leave a message or image. Collaborate with the whole community by starting a trend and invite hundrets of others to a topic or to tweak your space.

On Soulside you have limitless opportunities & abilities to express yourself. Freely, without any restrictions or borders.


Your own experience in new perspectives. With Soulside you can present you everyday’s life under a special light.

This is like journaling in 3D, of the special kind in which memories will be kept in any case.

You can also visualize your interests in 3D with objects, stickers, images, video effects and a

limitless opportunity in uniqueness. Create your Designs and vision for personal and professional use.

It can also be an expression through 3D emoji—space, a modern form of communication.

The 3D Spaces can be shared via link with your friends or colleagues for example.

Create visualisations or presentations, add sound and share the interactive experience with your target audience or partners.

Our Vision

With soulside our user can earn money with their creativity and positivity and create a better world.

With Soulside, users can now earn money,  with our platform – asides the benefit of a social media which has creativity and positivity in its primary communication.

Which role will NFT's play?

Our User can mint and sell their spaces inside and  outside of Soulside and earn money through their creativity.

Creativity stored in three dimensional space in our Metaverse.

This a way to make money with creativity while using the app. Users will be able to mint their 3D spaces as NFTs and also portray individual NFTs in our 3D Art galleries.

User will be able to transfer to their own private wallets and then sell on our own or third-party NFT marketplaces.
We additionally create unique, limited NFT 3D objects. They can be used for collecting and presenting in the own spaces.
Those spaces will be created for example by famous artists.

Users can rent out their spaces, sell them or let them enter to create exclusive clubs with celebrities or virtual events.