The importance of sharing your brand philosophy and vision to customers through social media

With social media, companies can reach much larger audiences than ever before. Social media has enabled companies to increase brand awareness, engage with customers, and cultivate new leads. With social media, the phenomenon of brands advertising a lifestyle and not the products has also gained even stronger traction.

Social media changed not only personal relationships but also the business-customer relationship

Often, we think that social media and the internet have changed the way we interact with one another. Think back to your life before social media. How did you even spend all your free time? Social media has changed our lives. On a personal level and it has had a major impact on how businesses approach marketing.

To understand how social media changed marketing, you first need to remember how things were before social media existed.

How has advertising changed?

Marketing Before Social Media

There was digital marketing before social media, but it was limited in both application and effectiveness. Email joined the ranks of outbound marketing tactics and the advent of search engines allowed for the first inbound marketing.

These days, it was still more common for businesses to rely on non-digital forms, like print, TV, or radio.

How Social Media Has Had an Impact on Marketing

When social media hit the internet, its purpose was still as its name implies. To build and maintain social connections between people. The purpose was to facilitate the relationship between people remotely. Platforms were for individuals to network; they were free from businesses and ads. Try to remember how your Facebook or Twitter feed looked more than 10 years ago — it’s unrecognizable from today.

Progressively, social media changed. From a place where you connected mostly with friends, it became more fake. Users could follow brands and individuals like celebrities and influencers. This led to some major changes in the way businesses approached marketing.

Marketing Is More Accessible Than Ever

One of the biggest obstacles to starting a new business used to be marketing. Without marketing, no one knows that your company exists. However, paying for traditional marketing is expensive and the results are often not measurable.

A key selling point of social media marketing is that it’s open to everyone. It’s easy to set up an account on any platform and there are no costs to getting started. In fact, many businesses can reach their audience by running only organic marketing campaigns. They never have to for ads at all. This gives small companies with limited budgets the chance to reach customers like never before. With it comes also greater insights about analytics as brands have the chance to visualize which ads work best.

But Social Media Marketing has become perverse

However, as social media marketing was first an eldorado for brands and companies, it quickly turned perverse. Nowadays, businesses continuously have to overpay the platforms to reach the users who follow them. The control of social media platforms on who will receive a certain post has made businesses dependent. This has to change! In regards to the budget that companies spend, and how brands interact with customers. 

Share your visions and brand philosophy

Why should you share your vision?

“Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. It takes effort to identify a vision that your customers will find credible and aligned with their values.” – Simon Mainwaring

When people become customers, they essentially become important partners of the company. Everyone within an organization is aware of and shares a common vision. Just as that, companies must also understand that sharing their vision with customers is equally vital. Customers may share a companies enthusiasm but there needs to be more. Indeed it will not be sustainable unless they are part of the long-term goals and vision of the company. The company’s vision must incite passion and excitement. Not just within the organization, but in the minds of customers too.

When everyone connected with your company shares a common vision, two benefits quickly appear. The attainment of goals is faster and the possibility of ambiguity is reduced dramatically. In any case, given that every company must focus on its customers, putting together a customer experience strategy without a shared vision would be counter-intuitive to success.

The vision of customers has changed

Sharing your vision with customers would mean that your company is completely aware of who its customers are. Secondly, how each customer’s ‘journey’ ties in with the company’s long-term goals. It is not wise or practical to underestimate the importance of a shared vision. It is possibly one of the strongest common factors that can create a bond in the mind of the customer. Sharing your vision with customers means that your company knows them. What they have set out to achieve, their pain points, challenges, and even achievements.

This understanding would make it easier to prepare a vision statement. For both customers and employees. When customers see the commonality between the company’s vision and their own expectations, they can trust the company.  After all, your business exists for the customers. Keeping them at the center of everything will make them love your company more than any other in the market.


Clearly, social is essential to your marketing mix. What’s even more important is developing a current brand personality that you can leverage to share your brand values. You want to come off as organic while having your content look native. Like something your audience would naturally see in their feed.

Being active on social media with native, organic content helps. Crafting a story around your brand values that resonate with your audience is even better. Consumers are increasingly aware and interested in company social impact (which probably isn’t news to you). It’s one of the driving forces behind consumer purchases, especially in the millennial demographic.

For example, A 2017 Cone study revealed that 87 percent of people said they would purchase a product based on the brand’s values and their brand affinity. If you’re trying to get your audience to connect with you, then you should take sharing your brand values seriously. This virtue alone will help establish the type of audience-brand affinity you (and they) are looking for.

What comes next?

As currently, brands have been sharing their vision through videos or images, most of it was in 2D. Customers and especially the rising professional class who grew up with advanced technology now have other expectations. The demand for immersive content in all parts of marketing has been growing. There is no doubt that the demand is there. Now, it needs an answer. 

What are we doing at Soulside to solve this problem?

At Soulside, we are committed to solving this issue for both the interests of users and brands. By not influencing the relationship between users and companies, we allow the communication to stay healthy. We want to give everyone the entire control of what you will be seeing in the app.

Advertising has become more and more mixed with so-called native content to improve the user experience. With Soulside, you have the possibility of creating and sharing content through a 3D Space. Hence why companies will be able to truly share their values to users who won’t feel any difference from others’ posts. 

If you are curious about all these processes, feel free to get in touch with us at

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The Social Dilemma. How have current social media platforms used their users to make a profit and why does it have to change?

The social media platforms exploit their market dominance by selling data, knowing more about the users than they do themselves, and thus driving up prices for advertisers.

What is the current problem of social media?

We all heard about the negative influence of social media platforms. It is not only about our mental health, it is also about privacy. We all have heard that if you do not pay for the product it means that you are the product. Indeed, social media platforms started with a noble goal: reunite people and facilitate communication between them.

However, with no surprise, the development of such platforms has led to multinational companies focusing on profits. Hence using every aspect of their business to make more. One of them has been to use users’ personal data. This private data would be sold to companies and brands willing to advertise their products directly to interested customers. Even this relationship started as a kind of win-win as both sides were happy. On one side with the customers receiving adverts suited to their needs. On the other side with companies having the possibility to share their philosophy, vision, and products directly to customers.

Facebook requires advertising spend to reconnect its already acquired followers

Nowadays, this relationship has been shattered by the ferocious appetite of social media platforms. Indeed, their focus has been to control the flow of information that users and businesses can share. In that regard, both parties have been harmed. Brands, now have to pay for their own posts reaching the users following their page. This results in frustration from both users and companies who cannot interact freely.

What do we do to solve this issue?

Users and companies are now aware of the situation. This control by social media has led many users and brands to seek other solutions. They are looking for an app that will allow them to freely share their content. Without constantly having to pay to reach their audience. This, as well as data privacy issues, are problems that we at Soulside have vouched to solve. 

Users have also turned pessimistic about social media. They try to keep away from platforms and mobiles to improve their mental health and control of their time. These users need a new reason to go online. Our latest research conducted by FHTW Würzburg showed that people still are attracted to the online world. They want to stay in contact and communicate with their friends and family. About 20% of Users had no deep creative communication on the web before. Social media becomes soulful.

Soulful means also a healthy relationship with your social network 

At Soulside, we believe that both sides have the right to a relationship where the platform does not interfere with. A user who enjoys a brand should have the possibility to see the content that this brand shares. Easily and without the fear of data being stolen. A company should, in an unlimited way, be able to share its posts with all the users who follow her.

Social media platforms have fully taken control of the marketing funnels. We at Soulside have provided a solution to the issues that so many have been facing. In an easy way, users can decide to follow the 3D spaces of a brand or company. They can see all of what has been posted quickly in an immersive 3D environment.

The brands become the real influencers

For brands, this is a unique opportunity to not only share new products or new services. Brands will be able to share their vision, their philosophy, and their goals as a company. Additionally, the company’s can start a real collaboration with individual users or user groups and create new unique products for their followership loves. 

This launches a new era of marketing and advertising for companies. These will have the guarantee to reach without further costs the people who want to follow you. And for you, the users, you can choose exactly what you want to see and from which brand. And when you decide to follow one brand, you get the chance to see new products and services in a 3D environment, giving you the opportunity to see what’s coming.

We democratize the social media for corporates and Users

We believe that this will allow the win-win relationship between users and companies to rise again and further progress on various levels.

If you want to learn more about Soulside feel free to reach out here.

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Why are we so focused on how we present ourselves?

Let’s think about this first: chasing attention from people. Attention is a great thing! It helps us survive, grow and know who we are, that we matter, and helps us realize that we are loved and each of us is special and valuable.

Why do we require attention?

Let’s think about this first: chasing attention from people. Attention is a great thing! It helps us survive, grow and know who we are, that we matter and helps us realise that we are loved and each of us is special and valuable.

As a baby we would die if we didn’t get the attention we needed from our parents. As a child we would get friends or education. When we get attention from other people, we feel that we are loved, important and alive. When children don’t feel attention, sometimes they provide negative attention. Then you stand out and are the centre of attention even if it has negative consequences. You have done something problematic to get the attention of your parents, this often carries through into adulthood. Everyone just wants to feel loved, special and important and the easiest and most direct way is through attention. It is part of the essence of human beings and we should be aware of its value.

How do we perceive and catch attention?

Attention can be received on so many levels today. From the deepest connection with a loved one to a complete stranger living on the other side of the world writing you a comment in your last post. We have all also experienced and enjoyed a random person paying attention to us for some rational or emotional reason. However, in recent years and with the advent of social media platforms, we have had the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. With this, came also the possibility to be seen and ‘judged’ by everyone.

We are urged by school, parents or work to express our uniqueness and celebrate the essence of our soul. With such an abundance of opportunities to express ourselves also came the urge to amplify or optimise the essence of who we really are and put it in a better light. And to do everything we can to make sure we get the attention we think we deserve, even fake it.  This had led to people feeling they had to adjust their behaviour, their hobbies, basically themselves. And all this without knowing what others really think. Because we fear their judgement and bullying or to compensate for the attention we didn’t get. Famous people are always an example and we try to follow their path or feel envious of them.

How our relationship with attention changed when we shifted to a digital and online world

It is also interesting for us to distinguish between the online and offline space where we all seek attention. In the offline world, it’s a very straightforward expression.

You can approach the person you want attention from. The response is immediate and transparent. In the online world, however, everything is different.

The online world is not so logical and let’s face it, we wouldn’t want to send hundreds of “friends” a private message with a “Hey! Why are we friends and what do you like about me and what don’t you like?”. Or try to figure out why each person likes or dislikes your post.

We assume that what we put out into the world is our “we”, what defines us and our physical appearance, and that it should be accepted by others. But even if you are true to yourself, sometimes you won’t get the validation and feedback you want. This is often the moment when you can ask yourself: “What did I do wrong?” The truth is: nothing. You didn’t do anything wrong.

It is not your job to anticipate others’ behaviour. And more importantly, it should be none of your business. The important message here is not to react emotionally to feedback and not to take it seriously because it often doesn’t matter in order to stay true to your inner guidance system. We should not make it dependent on what others think about us to decide how we want to lead our lives. It is our own decision and depends on what we want to achieve in our lives and what is important to us. If we are true to ourselves, it makes us happier even if we have to fight against opposition.

But now comes the question: how do I become true to my true self in the social media world and how do I share it?

We at Soulside have some advice for you and give you the right tools and mechanisms to make sure you no longer suffer from living a life you are not true to. 

Since you’re coming here to learn more and discover a new way to express yourself safely and authentically, we want to share with you what we think are good reasons to get online. 

A few easy reasons to find are:

  • Keeping in touch with close friends
  • Sharing your thoughts with the world through beautiful pictures/videos/words
  • Learning and discovering new people and things

A few reactive reasons can be: 

  • Loneliness
  • Boredom
  • Distraction from other areas of your life

If you know and can acknowledge these reasons, you will ultimately be happier and more accepting of who you are. This is not an assessment exercise, but an exercise in curiosity!

What kind of solution exists to express your inner self?

And at Soulside we provide you with the tools and the mechanisms to do this. Not only do we encourage you to deal with “inner self” issues, but we also allow you to share it with whomever you want, be it just yourself, your closest friends or the whole world. Also, the feedback you receive is constructive and non-pejorative. Best of all, you don’t have to choose between posting a picture, a video or a text. You can do it all at once, in our 3D spaces.

You can really express yourself with such a medium! It allows you to truly display your feelings and thoughts with the multitude of possibilities offered You express yourself through creativity, reflecting what is going on inside you. It is not without reason that creativity is said to be the language of the soul. From creativity comes the work that you can talk about and share with others, and get the attention you deserve or desire.

We think it is about expressing and bringing out the real inner values of the human being that everyone has inside and not about how you present yourself to the outside world or how you look.

We hope this has piqued your curiosity and we can’t wait for you to download the app and join others who have already taken this step. See you on Soulside!

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